Karm-Syndia Dance Studio

Dance is my Religion

What we currently offer


Ballet Dance classes usually starts with the bar warm-up followed by across the floor exercises. Then a choreography is taught towards the end of the class where students learn new moves each week.

Hip Hop

The class starts with the appropriate warm-up and new moves are taught to students in the concept of constructing a choreography where they put together what they learned in class.

Haitian Folklore/

African Dance

This class shares many similarities with African dance. It is however a Haitian Root dance where students learn the folks and the history of Haiti through movements. Emotions and rhythm are cultivated in each learner. This class is also offered to adult students and many attend for fitness reasons.

Ballet/ Modern/ Contemporary

Students learn multiple techniques from Horton Lester to Marta Graham to lyrical. This class is unique because students benefit of  three styles for the price of one

Fitness Class/ 

Kreyol Zumba

Sometimes going to the gym is 

not as fun and rewarding as dancing.

This class incorporates Yoga, Zumba

and breathing techniques. Attendees

accomplish their goals while 

having fun, dancing and meditating 

at the end of the class.


If you would like a choreographer for your event (Wedding, Music video,fundraisers etc...) You need dancers to perform or you already have your dancers,we will make sure you needs are met.Our choreographers will work with you following your directions and your vision to make your event one of a kind.